2. Jun, 2021

Is it time for a spring clean.

I have just started working with a lovely lady whos husband passed away last year.
During lockdown she had made a big dent in going through all the belongings they had collected in their 40 plus years of marriage. There was a lot believe me, the husband had hoarder tendancies.

Our aim for the first day was to go through what was left in the spare room, declutter and organise it into like item piles. The spare room organising was never going to be something that would be completed in a day.
Going through the items we found things she didnt even know were there. it obviously brought back a lot of memories so it was a slow process. we got there in the end!

Whilst there we discussed the best way to organise what was left and to display her many treasures.
We have decided that cube storage will be the best way. The client loves to craft, knit and play music.
I aim to make her a space where she can do all 3.
By using the cube storage she can keep all her knitting for example in one cube. Thus making it easier to find and contain it in one area. We intend to use chalkboard tags on the fronts of the cubes so she knows where everything is.

The cube units will also free up some much needed space, everything was being stored in 2 old wardrobes that were barely holding together! We dismantled the wardrobes and took them to the tip for her.
With the extra space she will be able to have a dedicated area for her musical instruments and a nice seating area with a table where she can do her crafting and knitting.

The cube units and inserts are on order and should be with us by next week. Im lucky to have a very handy partner who is coming with me to assemble the units and attach them to the wall.

Then while he is drinking tea I will set about organising everything into the cube inserts.

Keep checking back for updates because once this is done its going to look amazing!