De-cluttering and organising

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Is clutter and chaos taking over your home?! 
Then you have come to the right place.

I offer a judgement free and friendly service. 
No job is too big! 

Whether your kitchen is a disaster, the children's toys are out of control or your whole house is bursting at the seams, I can help you declutter and organise your home and get it back in tip top shape  

De-cluttering: I will help you go through the spaces in your home. By sorting through each item and deciding whether to keep it, donate it or bin it.


Organising: Once the de-cluttering is complete I will organise the space and make it more usable. Suggesting storage ideas and showing you how to make the best use of what you have.


After Care: I will follow up with you a few weeks after my visit to see if the systems put in place are working for you. If need be a follow up visit can be arranged. I will always be available for extra support over the phone or via email.


Due to the fact no 2 jobs are going to be the same I am offering a free no obligation quote. This will involve me coming to your home and meeting you. During this time we can go through the areas you need help with.

I will then tailor a quote which suits your needs and budget. Whether it be an hourly rate or a price for the whole job.